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force reaction in pushover analysis

    • pouran69


      I have simulated a masonry arch bridge using Workbench 2017 and inserted the following material specifications. The pushover curve obtained using maximum deformation and force reaction is shown in the figure. The black points represent the maximum force reactions obtained from transient analyses. 

      Is a bridge with these material properties and a weight of 73477 kN logical to have these force reactions?



    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi pouran69,
      Pushover analysis can also be performed using a Static Structural system using the static conditions as it can also be a static procedure that estimates seismic structural deformation considering simple nonlinearities. 
      You can check the properties of the geometry with the assigned material from the 'Details' by clicking on the 'Geometry' tab of the outline tree in Mechanical. You can also make a judgment for the weight and other properties of the structure by hand calculations if possible, these hand calculations may give you a rough estimate to proceed further with the analysis.
      It might be difficult to judge the reaction force directly and compare it with the weight, as the boundary conditions and contacts play a critical role in calculating the same.

      Please check the following links which will be helpful for the pushover analysis-
      Pushover Analysis (
      Displacement-based pushover analysis of a masonry arch bridge (
      4.9. Geomechanics (

      Hope this helps!



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