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Bonded Contact Between Edge and Surface


    • David Pérez

      Hi everyone, I was doing a modal simulation using surface to edge contact. However, when I examined the results, I noticed that the displacements of the first modes seemed a bit strange and also I realized that the mode shapes were in contact. This occurred in the 2022 version of Ansys APDL, but when I ran the simulation in the 2021 version, everything seemed to be fine. I'm not sure why this is happening. Does anyone have any insights?

    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi David,

      The problem may be a result of differences in default settings, contact creation, or some other factors between Ansys versions. It is essential to review contact settings and formulations when switching between software versions and ensure they are correctly set up for your specific simulation. You can try to use the MPC formulation with the same pinball radius in both versions and see if you get similar results.


      Akshay Maniyar

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