I am working with Workbench using a Linux cluster. How can I run Workbench in batch mode?

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      This can be done in two steps

      1. Create a journal to open the file, update (to solve) and save. You can create a journal on a dummy file and later change its file names.

      • Open Ansys WB. Go to file >> Scripting >> Record Journal. Save the journal file and provide the name.
      • Open Dummy project file, update the project and save with other name.
      • Go to file >> Scripting >> Stop Recording journal
      • Go to journal file. Change the name of WB project to actual WB file and name to save after update.
      • Change the journal extension from .wbjn to .py

      2. Use the following template to input shell commands to open WB and run journal in batch mode:
      << Path to open WB .... /v172/Framework/bin/Linux64/runwb2 >> -B -R << Path to open journal (.py) file >>

      For more information, please refer ANSYS Help > Customization Suite > ANSYS AIM and Workbench Scripting Guide > Scripting Overview > Journaling and Scripting Guide.