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Spring Analysis

    • Consti9_9


      i am currently calculcating a spring damper model from a car.

      But i figured out that the Deformation of the spring when the calculated Load is applies is wrong.

      In the pictures you can see the calculated deformation and the one which ansys is calculcating.

      There are few mm off and I dont know why? I adapted the Material too

      Thank u in advance

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      If you right click on Connections, you will find that you can insert Spring Elements to your model. In the definition of spring elements, you can enter the Spring Stiffness (54.537 N/mm in your example) and a damping if it is needed. You may use Spring Elements to model the spring in your model.
      If you must use solid elements to model the spring in your model, can you verify your model to make sure the spring mass is exactly the same as the one being tested? Also, can you refine mesh and run the model again to see if the results are improved?
    • Consti9_9
      Thank u, i did a mistake in my calculation with the numbers of turns
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