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Query on Simulating Rock Fractures with De_Bond Feature in LS-DYNA

    • CHan Cheung

      Hello LS-DYNA Community,

      I am currently engaged in simulating rock-like materials using the De_Bond feature in LS-DYNA and have encountered a specific challenge that I hope to get guidance on.

      In my simulations, the rocks are characterized by planar fractures. These fractures are present in two orientations: depth-wise and longitudinally. Notably, the longitudinal cracks exhibit zero cementation strength. My objective is to accurately replicate the behavior of these fractures. To do this, I intend to assign a zero cementation strength to the particles situated along the longitudinal planar fractures at varying depths, while maintaining normal cementation for the remaining particles.

      My queries are as follows:

      1. Does LS-DYNA offer a feature that allows for the importation of planar surfaces? If so, can this feature be used to automatically adjust the bond strength of particles situated along these surfaces?

      2. Is it possible within LS-DYNA to track and quantify specific parameters related to the bond, such as the bond energy and the count of damaged bonds during simulations?

      I believe these functionalities would greatly enhance the accuracy of my simulations. Any insights, suggestions, or guidance on how to approach this within LS-DYNA would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee

      Please elaborate on what feature you're using (keyword(s)) that you're referring to as "De-Bond feature in LS-DYNA".   Have you already selected a material model for modeling the rock?

      Importation of planar surfaces?   No, not that I'm aware of.

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