Process Integration and Design Optimization

Process Integration and Design Optimization

OptiSLang is stuck at “update” status.

    • Hamza Suhaib Qarni

      OptiSLang is stuck

      I am doing an Optimization Analysis with the help of Ansys OptiSLang. I have defined input and output parameters in spaceclaim and ansys mechanical. First I performed a static structural analysis on a structure.


      The input parameters are

      => Locations of 4 structural components i.e. 3 spars and 1 ribs (4 parameters).

      => Also, each one has a parameter that can suppress/unsuppress all these 4 components (4 more parameters).

      => A surface can also be suppressed/unsuppressed (1 more parameter).

      ===> So there are a total of 9 parameters.

      Their ranges and values are also defined as follows.


      As the objective/response parameter, I am minimizing the stress. The safety factor is constrained under 1.5 and 2 using two constraint functions as follows:

      Optimization method:
      I have selected the evolutionary algorithm and selected the maximum number of samples as 500. 

      Stuck at Update:

      It has successfully created all design points using the EA in around 15 hours. However, after computing the 500 design points, it got stuck at “updating status”. It remains stuck at the update stage for two days. I tried again and again with 10-12 different settings (like using a single parameter, different algorithms, and 50 design points) but it always gets stuck at the update.

      I tried again and again with both sensitivity analysis and optimization analysis, with various different parameters, criteria, and algorithms but it always gets stuck after computing all design points. 


      Although, it does provide me with different visuals and design points. But I want the analysis to be completed without getting stuck at the “update status”.

      I am using Ansys 2023 R2. I have used a 64 cores processor with 256GB RAM.

      What should I do to solve this issue?


      Please ask if I need to clarify any other thing or provide you with some more details.

      Best Regards

    • Markus
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Hamza Suhaib Qarni,
      thanks for your detailed explanaition.

      I have a question: In the picture after your section "Stuck at Update" you have in the bottom right a "Process" window. 
      And beside "Details" -> "Updating Evolutionary Algorithem.... Design 500" there is a process bar and a red cross to stopp/abort.
      What happen when you click on the red cross and confirm to abort?

      Best regards

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