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No “Compliance” under Objective in Structural Optimization

    • Hakim Dina Anjum

      I cannot choose Compliance under Objective in Structural Optimization. Is anyone familiar with the issue? 

    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Hakim,

      Can you check the "Objective and response constraint capability map" provided in the link below:

      Apply Design Objectives and Constraints (

      The document says that, compliance is not supported for Non-linear static structural system, when using Lattice method, Level set method or Topography method. For more details on using structural optimization, kindly refer to this link:

      Optimization Analysis Overview (



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    • Hakim Dina Anjum

      Thankyou. I had kept large delfection turned on, which triggered a non linear solution perhaps, turning it off solved the issue.

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