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How to calculate the received power excited by non-port excitations?

    • Park Sungbeen



      I'm trying to simulate RF harvesting circuit with Ansys HFSS.

      What I want to know is how to calculate the received energy of antenna with non-port excitation sources(plane wave, spherical wave, near field data, far field data). If I have clear transmitting source driven by wave, lumped port, then I can easily calculate the S21 for two ports. However, my excitation is actually near field data computed by other numerical tools. 

      I set the port of antenna as lumped port. Edit sources->0W on the port.

      So my questions are

      1. How to calculate the received power on antenna from incident wave excitation. (Sum of poynting vector, surface current, etc)
      2. Can I get the more detailed waveform or voltage/current from antenna port. If can, How?

      I'm sorry for repeated question that others already posted. But lack of my understanding, I need more clear answer about it:(

      Thank you.

    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Park, 

      You can calculate the current flowing on the antenna port as well as the induced voltage across the port using fields calculator. Online help has examples which explicitly show how to calculate these quantities. Search for "Calculating the Current along a Wire or Trace" and "Calculating the Voltage Drop along a Line". Note that if you have several incident sources, super position applies to fields, but not power, so you need to have all the sources on for total field when you calculate the power. 


    • Park Sungbeen

      Thank you for your reply!

      But I have a question about the last part of your answer, what does it mean "all the sources on for total field"?

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