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control hourglass type

    • 伟 张

        I am using ansys ls-dyna to simulate the impact resistance of composites and during the simulation I found that;
        When control hourglass type IHQ is 6, the total energy of the system is increasing and when hourglass type IHQ is 1, the total energy of the system is decreasing.
        Which one should I choose?
        I hope to give the appropriate introduction and advice, thank you very much!

    • Armin
      Ansys Employee

      Hi there,

      The hourglass energy should remain low compared to the total energy, so hourglass Type 6 appears better for your case. For more information, the video below provides more details about hourglass energy and how to reduce it.
      Energy Balance in Explicit Dynamics - Lesson 4 - YouTube

    • 伟 张
      Thank you so much for your answer, it was very helpful!
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