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Administration Installation Post Configuration of CAD Products Failing.

    • Stephen Emert


      I am an IT administrator working on our silent deployment of Ansys 23.1.

      Ansys seems to install fine, but after the installation, I configure the CAD products with this command:



      The majority of my plugins configure as expected, but Solidworks fails.

      The log shows:


      SW Registration ExitCode 3  -- expecting 0


      This is version 23.1 of Ansys and SolidWorks 2023 SP2.

      Are these error codes documented anywhere?

    • VJ
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, SolidWorks 2023 SP2 is not tested for Ansys 2023R1. So it is not supported.

      Ref -

    • Stephen Emert

      Thanks, VJ. I have bookmarked that for the future. Now to see how the CoE wants to proceed.

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