Getting Started with Scripting in Discovery — Lesson 1

Ansys Discovery serves as a powerful tool for geometry creation and for preparing geometry for simulation. The geometry operations in Ansys Discovery can also be scripted to allow users to automate repetitive manual tasks and complex manual workflows. There are a couple of ways for creating scripts in Ansys Discovery:

  1. Using “Record” feature
  2. Using scripting commands

The “Record” feature provides the easiest way to get started with scripting in Ansys Discovery. This feature helps to record geometry operations which can be modified further as required to achieve desired workflow through scripting. This lesson focuses on this “Record” feature within Ansys Discovery through one lecture and workshop.

The following topics are covered in this lesson:

    • Accessing Script Editor in Ansys Discovery
    • Script Editor interface
    • Creating script using Record feature
    • Analyzing the recorded script
    • Rerunning the recorded script
    • Saving and publishing script
    • Selection basics
    • Intellisense


Alternate video link.

Video Highlights

0:31 - Script Editor Interface

0:49 - Record Feature

1:43 - Analyzing the Recorded Script

1:57 - Rerunning the Recorded Script

2:19 - Saving the Script

2:30 - Publishing the Script

3:09 - Embedded Script

3:28 - Selection Basics

4:37 - Intellisense

Geometry Files

Download the accompanying geometry and script files from the lecture and workshop here. Ansys Discovery Student can be downloaded for free here.