Scripting in Ansys Discovery can be used for automating manual workflows or repetitive tasks for preparing geometry for simulation. In this course, we discussed how to create scripts in Ansys Discovery. Let’s summarize the key learnings from this course.

  • There are a couple of ways for creating scripts in Ansys Discovery. The “Record” feature provides the easiest way to get started with scripting in Ansys Discovery.
  • Scripting in Ansys Discovery is based on Python language. Understanding the basic functionalities of Python will help in developing scripts in Ansys Discovery.
  • Scripts can also be created by using scripting commands. Understanding the commands required for accessing and selecting geometrical entities can help in creating robust scripted workflows. Named Selections can also be created using script commands.
  • This course also covers scripting commands associated with geometry creation and their movement. It also covers commands for creating Named Selections in Ansys Discovery.
  • Scripting commands associated with geometry parameters and script parameters can help in developing scripted workflows involving parametric models.
  • Through Ansys Discovery scripting, it is possible to access data from external files and use it in the scripted workflow.