External Connections - Lesson 6

While building geometries or preparing geometries for simulation, we may need to utilize information stored in some extremal files like Excel file, csv file and so on. For example, we may want to extract fluid volume and define Named Selections for different faces of the fluid body, where all the details about Named Selections and their locations could be saved in an Excel file. Through Ansys Discovery scripting, it is possible to access data from external files and use it in the scripted workflow.

Ansys Discovery script can be executed in batch mode as well as from Ansys Workbench project page. Commands like saving the final geometry and exiting Ansys Discovery session can also be incorporated to eliminate any manual intervention throughout the scripting workflow.

This lesson focuses on scripting commands associated with the above-mentioned functionalities. It also includes a workshop to get hands-on experience with these operations.

The following topics are covered in this lesson:

  • Reading data from Excel file using script
  • Conversion of CAD files
  • Running Ansys Discovery script in batch mode
  • Running Ansys Discovery script from Ansys Workbench project page

Geometry Files

Download the accompanying geometry and script files from the lecture and workshop here. Ansys Discovery Student can be downloaded for free here.