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Microstrip Patch Antenna Array




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Antennas are means of communication that can transmit as well as receive signals. The communication distance depends not only on the operating frequency band but also on the design characteristics of the radiating element. Out of all the available antenna types, patch antennas can be compact and of low profile while having required radiation capabilities. However, certain applications like 5G, ADAS, and V2X require these patch antennas to be implemented in an array for more directional gain, impedance bandwidth, beam steering capability, etc. In this course, we detail microstrip patch antenna array creation as a method of design.

Before you get started with the "Microstrip Patch Antenna Array" course, watch the recorded video of a live webinar showing from antenna element design to an antenna array design to platform analysis from element to space - all in one workflow.

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  • Course Duration: 2-4 HOURS
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Skills Gained: Ansys HFSS, Antenna Toolkit, Domain Decomposition Method

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