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Where does the OptisLang Optimizer store its results?

    • Lucas Cavalcante

      I am using optisLang via workbench to run some parametric optimization studies on heat exchanger designs. Currently I am interested in running some CFD validation of the optimization results but I cannot find where the design points are contained.

      I have set up a work flow where the parameters of the excel sheet (OptisLang medium) are connected to the geometry in order to automatically update it and run CFD. I see that I can select the design points individually on the pareto front and it will show me the parameter values. However, on the pareto front, I can select design ~#2000 but my design points in the parameter set only go up to ~#1300. 

      Where would I be able to find the proposed designs of the optimizer to update my workflow to run some CFD validation?

    • Bernd Buettner
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Lucas,


      The multi-objective optimization is mostlikly done with the surrogate model (MOP) as Solver.
      Therefore no design directories or entries in the Parameterset will be created.
      During the set-up in the optimization wizard you can activate the automatic validation of a certain number of design points.
      Since you want to run some specific designs to can add a new sensitivity system to the scenary and import the desired Parameterset from the omdb result file as Start-Designs (please remember to deactivated the dynamic sampling to avoid unnesescary runs).

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