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Using Variables for Lumped Port Excitation in HFSS

    • Ata Vafi

      I am using the IronPython command to assign lumped port excitation in Ansys HFSS. During this process, I encountered an issue with setting the starting and ending points using variables in the script. It seems that the command only accepts constants and does not work with variables.
      I want to define the starting point as [$x1, $y1, $z1], and the end point as [$x2, $y2, $z2], by writing these equations in the expression. However, when I attempt this approach, Ansys HFSS reports an error saying, "Length of port lines must be greater than 0." Strangely, when I replace the variables with their numerical values, the command works successfully. Does anyone have experience with this issue or know how to resolve it?

      Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Aymen
      Ansys Employee

      It is easier to use PyAEDT to accomplish this task.

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