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Unable to import geometry in fluent meshing

    • haibin wu

      I have just started learning Pyfluent, so based on online cases, I am importing geometric models and want to draw grids in the fluent meshing. But I found out that I couldn't import my geometric model, but I had no problem before running the code. I was able to import the. scdoc file into fluent meshing and fluent solver. But after I finished executing the following code, I was prompted that I couldn't import the CAD geometric model, and I noticed that the startup icon of my SCDM software had changed. I used the 2022R2 version before, and I don't understand this startup icon. I don't have a clue now because I can't even import the geometric model without code. Can you give me some suggestions? What should I do?

      import ansys.fluent.core as pyfluent
      meshing_session = pyfluent.launch_fluent(processor_count=10, show_gui=True, mode="meshing")
      geom_filename= 'Reactor_Script_Parameters.scdoc‘
      session.meshing.workflow.InitializeWorkflow(WorkflowType='Watertight Geometry')
      session.meshing.workflow.TaskObject['Import Geometry'].Arguments = dict(FileName = geom_filename,LengthUnit= 'mm')
      session.meshing.workflow.TaskObject['Import Geometry'].Execute()

    • Supreetha J
      Forum Moderator


      PyAnsys is currently a set of open-source projects. Questions on PyAnsys should go through the Developer Forum. Bug reports can be made by creating 'Issues' in GitHub. For more details, please refer to PyAnsys GitHub page: https://github.com/pyansys

      Thank you.

    • haibin wu
      thank you, I got it
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