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The problem with the material in ACP

    • javat33489

      Hi all.

      I made a composite in the material designer and the calculation on the test model through static analysis and ACP.

      I have a mistake in ACP:


      My course of action: I made and material steel + PVC:

      This is the result:

      Next, I made a shell cylinder and set up one layer in ACP:

      Next, I made a calculation in static analysis:

      Next, I transferred the result to ACP POST. To check the cylinder for failure criteria. Because in static analysis it is impossible to check the composite for safety margin:

      And here I have such an error. What is the reason? Thank you.

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      Check what material data do you have in "Engineering data" in System C (ACP pre)

      First message points to the missing ply type data


      For failure evaluation, depedning on the failure type (tsai - wu, puck etc), you will need the constants in engineering data, Example for puck

      Are these defined?


      • javat33489

        Thanks for the answer. Yes, I figured out the play type. And I have the following error regarding the destruction criteria, as you said

        But how do I find these parameters for a new composite? I made it in the material designer and now it should have new destruction parameters. The material designer can determine them for me on the new resulting composite?

    • javat33489


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