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Symmetry Analysis

    • nit221


      Dear Sir/ma'am

      I need help how to do symmetry analysis of block (cube). if we are applying load on top plate and fixed the lower plate. i want symmetry result of cube only. Please find the attach file.

    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi nit221.

      Unfortunately, we cannot download any model or image from any link. Can you paste some inline images with some more details about your issue? So that it will be easy to understand and help.

      Meanwhile, you can check the below video on symmetry.

      Understanding when to Take Advantage of Symmetry - Lesson 3 - ANSYS Innovation Courses


      Akshay Maniyar

    • nit221


      Thank you sir for your response. please find the new link for analysis file and image. first 3 (1-3) image shows symmetry analysis whereas last 2 (4-5) shows full model analysis. i have already seen that video. In this video they are using full model as a symmetry but in my case i am using only block as a symmetry not whole model. 

    • peteroznewman

      When you only cut the cube in half, but leave a force on the full surface of the plate, the unsupported half of the plate tilts and compresses one side of the half cube while putting the opposite side into tension.

      To go from a full model with a force of 100 N on the top plate to a half model, you must slice the plates and the cube with the same symmetry plane and you must reduce the force to 50 N since you have only half a cube to compress.

      • nit221

        Thank you sir for your response.


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