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Sweep in waveguide dimension

    • LuisAlbert

      Hello everybody,

      I am simulating a straight waveguide, but right now I want to see the behavior of GVD as a function of the width of the waveguide. How can i do it? I know that I have to Sweep the waveguide dimension but I am struggling with that.

      I really appreciate your help.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      You can write a simple script to sweep the width, and follow this example to get the result:
      Please note that you when you do frequency sweep, you can just use the same frequency as the stop frequency as internally the software will get accurate result.
      Your script may look like this:
      define the width matrix with ND points
      define GVD result matrix
      for(n=1:ND) {
      modified online example;
      Please try.
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