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Squared planes, orgin, etc


    • joe jackson

      Should the intersecting green and red line be at the center or my sketch plane or at the origin marker?   Im having issues keeping solids in alignment when using the mesh surfaces, so I have built a cube of planes based off the world origin to use as sketch starts.    

    • Atharv Joshi
      Forum Moderator

      Hello joe jackson ,

      The sketch plane gets created on the center of the selected facet when using such STL files.

      If it's a surface, then it gets created at the center of the surface. You can use the "Move gird" option to move the gride center as per your requirement. 

      Thanks and Regards

    • Atharv Joshi
      Forum Moderator

      Hi joe jackson ,

      I have created a short video to demonstrate the move operations on the grid.

      Please go through these tutorials that will help you working with mesh/STL bodies Discovery SpaceClaim: 3D Printing Prep & STL/Facet Editing – Ansys Knowledge

      Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions. 

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