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Spaceclaim addin not working


    • josh commet

      Hi spaceclaim support, this addin for spaceclaim does not seem to work anymore and customer of ours that uses both mastercam and Spaceclaim software was asking about this, see link below for the addin im referring to,


      do you happen to know how to fix that or have someone I can contact for some assistance with this or if that addin is no longer supported, perhaps its outdated and not supported anymore? 


      Best regards,

      Josh Commet

    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello josh commet

      MasterCAM addin has been deprecated in Release 2022R2 onwards and is not supported. 

      Please refer this post Ansys SpaceClaim 2023R1 - Questions - Ansys Discovery Forum for more information. 

      Thank you. 

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