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Simulation of Dielectric Elastomer Actuator

    • Abdulsalam

      I am trying to simulate Dielectric Elastomer Actuator under cyclic loading. I have already define my material using the curve fitting as you can see in the attached zip file. The material I am using is Sylgard 184. 

      The circles on the geometry surface represent the electrodes and I drawn them by using FaceSplit and I don't know if this is the way to represent the electrodes and how the load is distributed when applying load to it. I also tried to do static simulation by applying pressure in both side of the elastomer and I notice that both pressures are not perpendicular to each other, and the pressure is not distributed evenly, any ideas how I can solve this? 

      I also added in the zip file a photo of the elastomer and it is fixed by a rigid frame from the top and bottom, in ANSYS I fixed all the four side of the elastomer. I really do not know how to start I have tried to look for any reference that can help but I cant find. I don not know how I can apply cyclic voltages under different frequencies on to my elastomer. By the way, I was using Sine wave to apply the load onto the elastomer during the experimental test . 

      What I want to achieve from the simulation is: finding the deformation of the elastomer under different voltages and frequencies. And I don't know if it is really possible to preform this kind of simulation with the student version. I am using ANSYS 2020 R2.

    • Ashish Khemka
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