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Simulation Example – Blimp Buoyancy

    • ojan

      Good Afternoon,Morning spirit , Excuse me anyone please help me solve the computational problem. The final result of rho-G and rhoair-G is not the same as the final result in the video simulation which causes objections to the hot air balloon object so it cannot bouyancy in the air.

      *correct me if I said something wrong or made a mistake.

    • Muhammad Rizki Indrabudiarto

      Hi Fauzan, have you made sure that you have actually carried out according to the steps in the simulation video, something could have been missed so that the hot air balloon cannot rise into the air

    • Raihan Lutfianto

      Dear Ojan,

      I suggest to check: material definition, cell zone condition, pressure spatial discretization method, and initialization method. I also agree with what Rizki suggested.

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