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Pulse Length Adjustment of Gaussian Source in Lumerical Interconnect

    • Mehmet Unlu

      Dear Ansys Help Center,

      I am writing to seek guidance on a specific task involving the Lumerical 3D FDTD program and Lumerical Interconnect. I am working with a time domain source with a 90 fs pulse length, a 193.5 THz frequency, and a 500 fs offset. I have successfully configured these parameters in the mode source of the Lumerical 3D FDTD program, as shown in the first figure.

      Subsequently, I attempted to replicate this configuration in Lumerical Interconnect using the Optical Gaussian Pulse Generator component. However, I encountered a challenge in achieving the desired 90 fs pulse length. Despite my attempts to adjust the "width" parameter and input the appropriate frequency value, the resulting pulse width consistently remains in the nanosecond range. You can observe the system setup and the oscilloscope output in the second and third figures.

      I kindly request your assistance in elucidating the procedure to obtain a single pulse in Lumerical Interconnect similar to the characteristics of the FDTD mode source, specifically the 90 fs pulse length.

      Thank you for your support and guidance.



    • Mehmet Unlu

      Any suggestion ?

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Mehmet,


      Thank you for the post. For the Gaussian pulse in INTERCONNECT, if you want a 90 fs pulse width, you will need correspondly bitrate of f = 1/90 fs ~ 1.1e13 Hz or higher. You can change the bitrate settings in the Root Element simulation settings. 


      Hope this can hekp.

      Best regards,



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