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Running anays fluent on linux

    • Amir

      I am trying to run fluent on linux using batch, in the directory there is  FILE.cas.h5, FILE.dat.h5, job scheduler (FILE.sh) and journal file. After submitting the job it iterates until 99th time step (it is supposed to autosave every 100 time step), but then stops with the following errors:

      "Error at Node 0: Unable to open output/FILE.out-2.cas.h5 for writing."   

      and for another case:

      "Warning: An error or interrupt occurred while reading the journal file.
      Some commands may not have been completed."


      The journal file contains the following:

      ; -------------------------------------------------
      ; lines beginning with a semicolon are comments

      ; Read/Write ANSYS common fluids format (CFF) files? [yes by default]
      /file/cff-files yes

      ; Read only the input case file:
      /file/read-case FILE-NAME

      ; For continuation (restart) read in both case and data input files:
      ;/file/read-case-data FILE-NAME

      ; Write a data (and maybe case) file every 100 time steps:
      /file/auto-save/data-frequency 100
      /file/auto-save/case-frequency if-case-is-modified

      ; Retain only the most recent 5 data (and maybe case) files:
      /file/auto-save/retain-most-recent-files y

      ; Write to output sub-directory (appends flowtime and timestep)
      /file/auto-save/root-name output/FILE-NAME.out

      ; ##### Settings for Transient simulation :  #####

      ; Set the physical time step size
      /solve/set/time-step 0.001

      ; Set the max number of iterations per time step:
      /solve/set/max-iterations-per-time-step 20

      ; Set the number of iterations for which convergence monitors are reported:
      /solve/set/reporting-interval 1

      ; ##### End of settings for Transient simulation #####

      ; Initialize using the standard initialization method:

      ; Patch temperature of chamber as 27C
      /solve/patch (14) temperature 27

      ; Patch H2O mass fraction of chamber as 0.01771
      /solve/patch (14) species 0.01771

      ; Perform unsteady iterations for a specified number of time steps:
      /solve/dual-time-iterate 50000 ,

      ; Write final case and data output files:
      /file/write-case-data FILE-NAME.out

      ; Write simulation report to file (optional):
      /report/summary y Report_Transient_Simulation.txt

      ; Exit fluent (required to requeue):


      I am new at running ansys on linux and do not know what is causing the problem.

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      If it's failing at the autosave point I'd check you have the /output folder and that you have write permissions to it. 

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