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Reading ANSYS CFX definition files

    • Daniel Holder

      Hi all,

      I am wondering if there is any way to properly read ANSYS CFX .def setup files using notepad?

      I need to read view setup conditions without opening the file in ANSYS CFX.

      However, when I do the files open up staggered and extremely difficult to read properly. See image below.


      I know that I can manipulate the window size so it becomes slightly less staggered, but it is difficult to make it fully readible due to their file size.

      I don't need to edit these files, just extract/reference some of the setup information.

      Any suggestions on applications to read these files easily would be greatly appreciated.



    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Daniel,

      In Notepad, try turning off 'Word Wrap'. You can also try Notepad++ or Wordpad instead. 

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