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Question regarding Gain & Radiation Efficiency?

    • imtiaz

      Hello, Good day. I have a question about gain and radiation efficiency in the interest of frequency region. According to S11, my interest in frequency bands ranges from 3.24 GHz to 8.74 GHz. However, if you look at the gain vs frequency graph, it drops after 3.24 GHz and then rises. The same thing happened in the radiation efficiency graph.

      I'm not sure why this is happening; do you have any ideas about the graph's behavior?

      Many thanks for considering my request.


    • GioF
      Ansys Employee

      Hi imtiaz,

      It is expected for the results of Radiation efficiency and Gain to have this behavior. 

      The Radiation Efficiency and Gain are calculated using the Accepted Power. Accepted Power is calculated using the s11 parameter.

      Please have a look at the following links of AEDT Help,

      Ansys HFSS 2023 R2 - Accepted Power

      Ansys Electronics 2023 R2 - Radiation Efficiency

      Ansys HFSS 2023 R2 - Peak Gain

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