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Question about how to map stress in Explicit Dynamics

    • Jiwon Kang

      Hello. I am simulating a particle colliding with a thin film when residual stress is present in a very thin film.


      Using Static Structural, I want to map the stress first and drag the result of the deformation to Explicit Dynamics for a collision simulation.

      And I want to maintain the residual stress even in Explicit Dyanamics.

      [Note: External data is used to map the stress.]


      However, Explicit Dynamics does not include stress in the list of loads that can import external data, so stress is not considered when colliding particles.

      In order for the residual stress mapped to static structures to be maintained in Explicit Dynamics, is there a way to do so?

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      it maps as pressure not as stress. an wor arud is to use prestress enviroment and built your model as assembly so that the thin filim has the prestress and particels have the mesh incoming to load at the second stage. an sample workflow loks as follows in step 1 

      cheers, Ram 


    • Jiwon Kang


      Thank you for reply.

      As I know, in order to carry out a collision simulation with residual stress of the film, it is necessary to map the stress with a Static Structure and connect the result with explicit dynamics.

      And I understand that in this case, the same load must be applied to Explicit Dynamics so that the load can be appied normally to the module.

      Is it true what I know?

      Is it impossible to import the initial load with stress in Explicit Dynamics?



      Jiwon Kang

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