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python-hfss error

    • yu jian

      When I was controlling hfss with Python, the following error occurred.
      Script macro error: testing featurre is NOT enabled.

      thank you.

    • Praneeth
      Forum Moderator


      Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys learning forum.

      Please see if the script contains any macros and they are free from any syntax errors. Kindly go through the scripting guide available in the Help menu of the Ansys Electronics Desktop for detailed information on the supported commands and their syntax.

      Best regards,

    • JS
      Ansys Employee

      Please use the latest Electronics 2023R2 available for download on the Ansys Customer Portal at:



      Instead of using the legacy built-in IronPython 2.7, please use the external cPython to script the Ansys Electronics Desktop using PyAEDT:



      The PyAEDT site also contains example PyAEDT scripts and extensive API documentation.


      This will expands your python scripting capabilities since you can include publically available python classes and methods like numpy, pyvista, pandas, etc. in your scripts.


      Detailed installation instructions are available at:



      Ansys PyAEDT has a public precence for submiting bugs, enhancements, and participating in the GitHub discussion forms:



      Additional training materials for PyAEDT is available on the Ansys Learning Hub by subscription:



      Kind Regards,








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