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Problem in plotting the E field

    • xuanlunhuang20

      I’m simulating a meta-structure and I add a field monitor to view the E field. But I find that the x component in E and the Ex data are different.

      I right click the E and show the x component, it looks like this:

      I right click the Ex data and it looks like this:


      It can be seen that the scales of these two results are different. So, when I plot Ex with the x and z, it is not correct. Even though I save the whole E result and plot the first column, i.e., Ex, it appears like the second case.


      But the correct one I think should be the first case. Why does this happen and how to solve this? Thanks.

    • Niki Papachristou
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Xuanlun Huang,

      Thank you for you post at our forum. I see that in one case you are plotting the simulated E data while in the other case you are getting the index numbers, hence his plot in this case looks a little bit stretched. You should note that neither plots (as is) show the true dimensions of the structure. For example in the second plot the x span and y span of the plot are similar in length, but in reality it's ~0.6um vs 10um... and if you change the size of the window the results appearance change as well. However, I agree that first plot is preferable, since it corresponds to length, while the second format is corresponding to the number of points and loses this information.

      Kind Regards,


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