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Post processing: explode view of contour planes

    • Panagiotis Artemiou


      I am trying to post process some contours. I have channells inside of which is the fluid flow, and i want to present the velocity field in 3 different planes as shown in the image i am attaching.
      However in the scale of the model, these planes are too close to each other.
      Is there a way to move the planes a bit further away from each other for a better view? But maintain the velocity field of the original planes.

      Essentially, I want to move them apart just for presentation purposes.

      Thank you very much!

    • omkar.kulkarni
      Ansys Employee



      The planes can be created only till the extent of the model. They can't be moved outside the boundaries of the model. 
      If size of the model is big I would suggest you to scale the model under the Domain tab and then setup the case.

      I hope this helps.


      Omkar Kulkarni

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