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Particles fly apart

    • javat33489

      Hi all.

      I simulate drilling and drill feed.

      Drill - rigid body. It has a deformable plate on it. Upon contact with the material - sandstone, all particles explode sharply and the calculation stops, why? Screenshots of settings and results:

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      hi , 

      why are you repeating the cards?

      do you have any refernce to your work ?

      do you have any formal /guided training in LSDYNA in general ? and specific to paticel methods? , if not i suggest you first get the training started.

      how can you run 16 cores dispite the licenses you hold?

      cheers, Ram 

      • javat33489

        Yes, of course I passed all the basic courses on Ls-Dyna.

        I duplicated the material maps because:

        If the material map (snippet) is only in the geometry section, then the SECTION and PART maps do not see it, and the material is not written to the K file.

        I thought that if there are two places it will be useful both for Ls-Dyna WB and for recording with a K file.

        I have also attached an ARCHIVE.

        I put 16 cores, but in fact it works as much as the license allows.

      • javat33489

        Looking forward to your tips and advice! Thank you.

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