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Parametric mesh convergence approach for Layered Section Models

    • mrunal_n

      Q. Is there a way to perfrom re-meshing of model without loosing contact and boundary condition data?

      I would like to attain mesh independence for my model, which is often accomplished by a mesh convergence study. After reviewing the ANSYS ACP handbook, I discovered that the Layered Section Model generated using ACP does not support local convergence method. Also mentioned in /forum/discussion/comment/152051#Comment_152051

      My next step was to implement this via parameter study, with mesh size acting as the parameter. The only issue with this approach is that I lose all of the model's contact data and boundary conditions. This means that I must activate each design point session independently and provide the identical contact information and boundary criteria.

      Given that the change in mesh size has an effect on the model, I'm wondering if there is another way to tackle this problem. Additionally, saving the aforementioned data and reusing it in another model makes no sense.

    • April Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Using Named Selection to define contacts and boundary conditions can avoid loss of scope in refreshing.
      Regards April
    • mrunal_n
      Hello April,
      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
      When refreshing, the scope is lost because I used nodes to specify boundary conditions.
      Instead of using nodes, I used named selected faces to establish my boundary condition and it appears to work.
      Best Regards Mrunal

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