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Paperboard Composite quasi-static analysis in LS-DYNA and Explicit Dynamics

    • AhmetKaya

      Dear ANSYS community,

      I am currently engaged in modeling a quasi-static compression analysis on structures constructed from paperboard. In my pursuit of precise design, I recognized the value of commencing with a simplified plate model to proactively identify potential errors. My material of choice is orthotropic elastic with multilinear isotropic hardening and the Hill yield criterion. I initially created the composite part using ACP and subsequently transferred the shell composite data to Static Structural, LS-DYNA, and Explicit Dynamics.

      For your reference, I have included a visual representation of my workflow and a related case study in the form of an image, which can be viewed in this YouTube video: [insert link here].

      However, I am encountering a significant issue in my simulation. Specifically, when I enable the multilinear isotropic hardening and Hill yield criterion in the material definition, LS-DYNA produces an error (*** Error 40724 (SOL+724) routine eigab fails to obtain eigenvalues), and Explicit Dynamics also fails with the error message stating, "Could not transfer material Sheet A 190 gsm to the solver. Error reading in the CAERep from Simulation."

      Curiously, when I suppress the multilinear isotropic hardening and Hill yield criterion in the material definition, both LS-DYNA and Explicit Dynamics perform as expected without errors. I am seeking guidance to diagnose and address the root cause of this simulation problem.

      Any insights or assistance from the community would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ahmet,

      I don't think multilinear isotropic hardening and Hill yield combined with orthotropic elasticity is supported in Explicit Dynamics and LS-DYNA. In LS-DYNA, you can open the input.k file in a text editor to check what material model that is used.

      At Ansys 2023R2, there is a new orthotropic strength material model for Explicit Dynamics:

      You can define orthotropic strength coefficients (A11 - A66) along with a master Stress-Plastic strain curve. See image above.

      You will find  more information here:

      There is information on how to obtain and calculate the coefficients here:

      This information is in the Composite modelling guide for Autodyn:

      This model can be combined with orthotropic elasticity.


      In LS-DYNA, *MAT_PAPER (*MAT_274) could be used. Here is an excerpt from the LS-DYNA User Manual Vol II:


      You can download the LS-DYNA manuals here:

      Note that *MAT_PAPER is not available in Ansys WB yet, but you can include it in your model using a command snippet or using the Keyword Manager. You can use *PART_COMPOSITE to build the composite layup with *MAT_PAPER using a command snippet as well.

      Let me know how it goes.





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