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NVIDIA A100 vs H100

    • George Joseph Thomas

      Hello Ansys Team,

      I plan to buy a CFD Workstation. I could find the performance comparison of Intel CPU (which I currently have in computer) and NVIDIA A100 GPU from Ansys websiote. Recently, NVIDIA launced H100 and I am wondering how it pits against A100 in CFD calculations. Could you please throw some light into the performance?

      Thank you

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please see link below. 




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    • George Joseph Thomas


      Hi Keyur,

      Thank you for the link. I found a couple of pdfs on GPU performance/compatibility comparisons. However, NVIDIA H100 is not in the list. 
      To be more specific on my question, which parameters play decisive role in GPU performance for CFD calculations (mainly with Fluent)? The H100 has a FP 64 of 26 teraflops compared to 9.7 teraflops of A100. Does that directly means 2.5 times better performance? 

      In addition, does FP 64 Tensor Core help in CFD performance?

      Thank you


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