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Need help with material Damping for transient analysis

    • Manuel Biwer

      Hi Ansys community ,

      I'm trying to characterize the structural damping of a deformed beam.
      How would I start doing that from the experimental data seen in the pictures. I've already watched to learning videos on damping but some things are still unclear.
      I tried playing around with rayleigh-damping and got the simulations result seen in the third picture.
      While this manages to show a similar springback than in reality the higher frequency can not be seen in the result and the simulated springback differs by multiple millimeters for different deflections than 22.4mm.

      Any help or tips will be hugely appreciated.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      Yes, good idea, see for some more courses/material or comments in this forum or the internet about Rayleigh damping.

      As a side, the blue curve in the 3rd image looks much more damped than the test data. Try reduce the alpha, beta Rayleigh damping (especially beta here).

      All the best


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