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Nanofluid simulation

    • Fretz Sil

      Hello. I was trying to simulate a study on a heat exchanger using nanofluids. Results with water shows perfectly but the outlet temperature of the fluid doesnt change even though the properties of nanofluids was added and updated in cell zone condition. 

      Is it because of the shared topology? I rather used coupled option in mesh interface.. 

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      Double-check your simulation setup to ensure that all parameters, boundary conditions, and fluid properties are correctly specified. Make sure you've properly defined the nanofluid properties and that they are being applied correctly at the inlet. Ensure that you have accurately input the relevant properties of the nanofluid, including thermal conductivity, viscosity, and density. These properties will affect the heat transfer performance of the nanofluid.You mentioned using the "coupled" option in the mesh interface. Make sure that the mesh interface settings are appropriate for your simulation and that the coupling is working as expected. 

      Thank you.

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