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Miner’s Rule

    • Louie Lou


      I calculated the life and damage in nCode DesignLife, and there is damage result for every node. 

      Total accumulated damage = 0.00027 

      From Miner's Rule 1/0.00027 = 3703, so

      I have 4 hours of data which is acceleration-time, and 3703*4 = 14812 hours life

      This calculating true or not? 

    • danielshaw
      Ansys Employee

      DesignLife is reporting 0.00027 damage produced by the applied loading, which is equivalent to 3703 repeats of the applied loading.  If the applied loading represents 4 hours of operation, then the predicted fatigue life is 3703 repeats per 4 hours of operation, which can be converted into 4*3703 per hour of operation.

      • Louie Lou

        Thank you so much 

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