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Method : Analysis type in Advanced Geometry Options

    • 지완 서

      when i make geometry using spaceclaim, i can choose 2d or 3d in advanced geometry options.

      I already choose 3d option. if i make 2d geometry using spaceclaim, it is okay?

      or  i choose 2d option and i make 3d geometry using spaceclaim.

      Does ansys control it on its own?

      please give me your opinion




    • peteroznewman

      If you want to do a 2D structural analysis, for example plane stress, plane strain or axisymmetric, you must construct a surface in the XY plane in SpaceClaim.  For Axisymmetric, the surface must be on the +X side of the Y axis, which is the axis of rotation.

      In Workbench, you must change the Analysis Type to 2D in the Properties window under the Advanced Geometry Options BEFORE you double click on Model and import the geometry into Mechanical.

      If you forget to do that and build the model in Mechanical as 3D, do not go back to Workbench and try to change the Ansysis Type to 2D.  Some objects will be 3D and will not work properly in a 2D analysis.  It is best to just start over.

      • 지완 서

        Thank you :)

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator

      Depending on the version of the workbench that is being used you may switch to 2D from 3D if the model created in SpaceClaim lies exactly in the XY plane you should be able to change the setting in workbench at later stages.


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      • 지완 서

        Thanks :)

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