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List of installers to install Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution

    • Nigel Griffiths

      Is there a list of the installers required to install all parts of the Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution?

      I have the Ansys product portfolio table and have downloaded the following installers:


      In particular, do the installers for "Fluids", "FluidStructures" and "Structures" overlap - can I install the single Fluidstructures installer for the same functionality as the "Fluids" and "Structures" installers?

      Also is there a way of combining all the install files into a single installer or do they have to be run seperately on each PC (I can script and package, I want to know if there is an official way to unzip and combine all the install files into one set with a manifest that will install all the modules at once instead).

      If there is a link with this information that I have not found yet, that would be helpful if it could be supplied. Thank you.

    • Rajeshwari Jadhav
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nigel,

      No there is no list of the installers.

      Yes, you can install Ansys FluidStructures, as it has the same functionality as Fluids + Structures packages.

      For 2023R2 we have Ansys Automated Installer, which includes the below packages

      For other versions, you need to install separate packages. It cannot be installed in one set.

      Please check if this link Ansys Help is helpful.

    • Nigel Griffiths

      Thank you, a silent install is preferable as well as the files being reachable from a local repository where we can manage bandwidth, so the automated installer isn't suitable unless there are additional options not listed in the documentation I have read

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