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Issue with coupling gap calculation

    • rakesh_krishna

      I am running the CROW lumerical example and after figuring out Kappa1, and 2 from interconnect simulations, I tried to run the FDTD file to calculate the gaps. But the high accuracy and coarse mesh sweep for gaps yield different curves. Furthermore, running the "calculate gaps" script file yields negative numbers for the gap. What could be the reason for the strange numbers/values and the difference between the sweep outputs?


      For example, the S41 from both these sweeps are different.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      FDTD is a discrete method;

      the result shows that the coupling is very sensitive to the mesh in the gap.

      Please note that the s parameter is complex. it can be negative.

      Please do some converging tests: 

      Convergence testing process for FDTD simulations - Ansys Optics

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