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Import Radial harmonic force to ANSYS Harmonic Response

    • Asma Jlassi

      Hi, I am trying to simlate the harmnic response of electric motor stator under the effect of electromagnetic teeth forces from Maxwell 2D (Fr and Ft).

      Is there a way to import only radial forces separetely ? and same for Ft? because it seems it is importing both of them as FFT force data to ANSYS workbench.Thanks

    • Ivonne Marti
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Asma,

      If you pass the forces from Maxwell to Harmonic via Workbench then both radial and tangential will be passed. The easiest and faster way is to delete one of them (Ft or Fr) inside Harmonic Response software.

      I hope this helps you


    • Asma Jlassi


      Thanks for your answer, actually yes I tried to delete one of them inside Harmonic Response but the problem is : Inside Imported remote Loads it shows the cartesian force data for the global force so no way to delete one and keep the other (Workbench 2022 R2). Is there an option or setting that can help in this case?


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