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how to speed up autodyn?

    • Ahmed Taher

      Hello, I am trying to finsih a run of a model in autodyn GUI, in which I am setting output file to be produced every 500 cycle. when it is getting to a cycle that will produce a "saved file" after, in takes something like 2 mins to continue as it stops before producing the saved file. it goes further with longer stops as it goes deeper in the run of the model.

      is there a way to speed up computational process in autodyn? like to make the CPU of laptop be focues primarely on autodyn calculations?


    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Ahmed, Which license are you using?


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    • Missy Ji
      Ansys Employee

      Ahmed, the uncomputational time most likely is spent on I/O, you can go to Output, and pick Save, choose cycle frequency or time frequency.  Entera larger cycle or time, so less data points are written.


      You may also Select Variables you want written to the Save file. Note that the selection of additional postprocessing variables will result in higher memory usage and file sizes. If a significant number are selected, some degradation in runtime performance can also be expected. 

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