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how to simulate displacement current ?

    • elad kadosh

      i wish to simulate displacement current, a changing electric field creating a magnetic field.

      in the electronics desktop I must choose between 2 solutions types - magnetic or electric. but for displacement i need both solvers at the same time. I understand it can be done using the Workbench but I im trying with no success to do so. is there a simple way to do it ? or any help or advice will be much appreciated.




    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Elad,

      You don't need Workbench simulation. Within AEDT, HFSS solves coupled Maxwell's equation where variations of electric field leads to magnetic field and vice versa. Within HFSS, you can simulate wave propagation and scattering from objects with full wave analysis. You can also plot field and current quantities at any desired location. HFSS comes with online help as well as Open Examples where you can get a jumpstart. Also, you may search for some Ansys How To videos on Youtube using HFSS.

    • elad kadosh

      Thanks for the fast reply,

      in the HFSS simulation I can also measure Torque ? Becuase I need to measure the Torque produced by the interaction between the magnetic field from the displacement current and an external magnetic field.

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