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how to set the boundary conditions to calculate the proper bandstructure

    • Altair45

      Good day,
      I'd like to calculate the bandstructure accurately in the coupled resonator structure with bragg grating.

      Most of the bandstructure examples is set to the Bloch conditions for periodicity.

      My investigated structure also is periodic structure from bragg gratings, But 10 phase-shifted bragg grating is connected continuously like this image.

      In this case, how do I set the boudary condition?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Band structure simulation is only meant to periodic strucutures.  when the periodicity is broken, you cannot directly simuate it.

      If you goal is to find its stop band, you can simulate its transmission spectrum;

      Or you can simulate the periodic structure for the case without the phase shift section, and also you may simulate the phase shift section.

      You may also search online to see if there is any similar publications.


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