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How to Restore Unsaved Full Run in Worbench System Coupling?

    • UniversityofQLD

      Hi everyone,

      I have done a full run in Workbench System Coupling but my computer rebooted before I could save the results. I have copied the project folder and have tried different things with the data in these copies after not reverting to the last saved state but I just cannot figure out how to get the project file to a state as if it was solved and properly saved. The result files are all there plus some backup files but they are just not properly loaded into Workbench. I would like to look at the residuals, check the CFX monitors and the Mechanical results.

      Thanks for your help!

    • Steve
      Ansys Employee
      There isn't a way to manually rebuild the Workbench project. You can load the CFX results .res file into CFX Solver Manager to look at the monitors. You can also load the Mechanical .rst file into Mechanical to look at the results.
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