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How to imprint washer contact on plate midsurface? (SpaceClaim)

    • jeon hyeon min

      Hi, I wanna ask how to imprintnwasher contact area on midsurface of plate.

      The figure below shows that 3 plates are connected by 3 bolts and nuts.

      I want to make Bolt Pretension on each bolt.



      But the problem happens, when I imprint bolt and nut's washer area like figure below.

      Before make midsurfaces of plates, you can see the area of washer imprinted by bolt.

      When I make midsurfaces of plates like figure below, those areas disappear.


      So I cannot make bolt pretension in Workbench Mechanical.

      How can I imprint those washer areas on plates's midsurface?

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator

      If it is one time operation, you can use project tool to project the solid imprints on the midsurface:


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      • jeon hyeon min

        Thank you Aniket! 

        But the problem is, there are so many plates around those bolts. So if I use Projection, Bolt's projected areas are imprinted to plates that I don't want... 

        Is there any other way?

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