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how to hide part of model in APDL??

    • monosaccharide

      Hello guys, I have a question about using of APDL. But, I'm sorry if my grammar is not good enough.
      I have made a ship's cargo hold model in APDL and I have done my solution about von mises stress. My ship's model is about like this :

      There are stiffeners and bulkhead. The problem is I can't find out which part that run into maximum value of stress. I have a prediction that maximum value of stress is located in the connection of side longitudinal and bulkhead. But how can I look at the part that I predicted? Please tell me how to hide part of model so that I can find out where the maximum value of stress is located. Thank you so much

    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      Pick Plot Ctrls > Style > Hidden Line options then set /type to Capped Z-buffer and /cplane to Working plane and OK.  Then pick WorkPlane > Offset WP by Increments and move the workplane to see the section plots at various workplane locations. 

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