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How to extract the strain energy density data in Ansys?


    • FirasBejar


      I have a simple geometry let's say a cube to which a force is being applied. I want to extract the strain energy density but I can only find the strain energy under solution. How can I do so?

      Is there a direct relation between the strain energy and the strain energy density?

      And I believe the strain energy is a field that changes throughout the structure, can I average it to a single value by summing up all the local values and dividing by their number? Does this even have a physical meaning?

      Many thanks,

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator
      Energy density = Energy / Volume.
      This can be done in Workbench Mechanical using User Defined Results.
      1. Under the Solution tree, insert a "User Defined Result"
      2. In the Details of the "User Defined Results", and under Expression, enter "ENERGYPOTENTIAL/VOLUME"

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